The EU does not believe Huawei threat

В Евросоюзе не считают Huawei угрозой

Yesterday was published the report prepared by the member States of the European Union on the issues of information security in relation to 5G networks, which are regarded as crucial for the competitiveness of the unit in the modern world.

Warning about the risk of strengthening of cyber attacks from organizations with the state support, the report authors refrained from calling the threats to China and the Chinese company Huawei, which is the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. Moreover, the authors of the report chose to ignore unfounded the appeals by the United States to ban Huawei equipment under the pretext that it could be used for spying.

At the same time, the report says that “the most serious and most likely” threats to 5G networks are States that are not members of the EU. It is therefore proposed that the responsibility to analyse the risks in each case.

The report also said that it is better not to get to excessive dependence on a single supplier, since it can suddenly cut off supplies.

The company Huawei, which is a competitor of the Finnish company Nokia and the Swedish Ericsson company, recently said it was willing to cooperate in matters of security of 5G networks. She has consistently denied that its equipment can be used for spying.

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