The European court has accused France of violating the clean air

Европейский суд обвинил Францию в несоблюдении чистоты воздуха

Violation of clean air was recorded in 12 regions

The European court of justice in Luxembourg on Thursday, 24 October, concluded that France had violated the requirements of the clean air in 12 regions, including Paris, Strasbourg and Marseille. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the decision of the court.

Thus, the ECJ found that France has for several years systemically did not comply with the European requirements for the air purity. The court noted that the French authorities had not taken any serious action to reduce pollution in 12 regions.

The court also did not take into account the approval of Paris that the government could not meet the requirements of the European Union in connection with structural problems. The court emphasized that it does not matter for what reasons France had violated European law.

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