The European Union has made the spinners in the list of dangerous goods

The battery from the glow spinner, if the kid swallowed, may cause burns of the esophagus and intestines. The danger is also small part of the toy.

Євросоюз вніс спінер в список небезпечних товарів

Spare made by the European Union in the list of dangerous goods. This is stated in the report released by the European early-warning system about what is dangerous for consumers, reports Rus.Media.

As noted, the spinners pose a risk to children, especially the model c backlight: ingestion child pugovica battery from the glowing spare may cause burns of the esophagus and intestines. Danger is also easily detachable small parts toys.

The spinners — a device with one axis and constantly retains its state. The user keeps the fingers of the inner fixed part and spins external. Spinners are arranged so that to run his movement quite a light touch with your finger. Component weight selected so as to maintain free rotation spare.

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