The events Bromide in the UN counted only three punished

Monitoring the UN Commission on human rights urged the government to allocate more funding to conduct investigations against crimes committed during Bromido.

Події на Євромайдані: в ООН нарахували лише трьох покараних

Representatives of the Monitoring mission of the United Nations human rights in Ukraine urged the Ukrainian government to allocate more resources for conducting effective investigation of crimes against the actions of activists committed during Bromido. On Tuesday, February 19, said at a briefing head of mission Fiona Fraser, informs Rus.Media.

As noted in the mission for the Commission of crimes Bromide was convicted only three people, and this result is not surprising. In addition, UN officials believe that criminal cases and conducting sudmedekspertizy drag on in the courts. “More budget resources and institutional capacities should be provided for these investigations,” said Fraser.

In this regard, the Monitoring mission has called on the Ukrainian government to do everything in his power to punish all those responsible for crimes that were committed Bromide.

Monitoring mission calls on the Ukrainian authorities to do everything possible to bring to justice those responsible for crimes Bromide.