“The Evil Within 2”: A video game can really fuck you scared?

What is your worst nightmare? It is likely to be in “The Evil Within 2” — Bethesda Softworks

  • The Evil Within 2 will hope to actually scare their players.
  • The first video games horror managed to terrorize thanks to a gameplay rigid.
  • A new generation of games returns to horror simple and effective.

You have not been afraid to film It or the new season of
American Horror Story, you should maybe try a video game, for example The Evil Within 2*. In fact, the mechanics of fear is part of the DNA of the video game are fairly obvious, the fact that it is an interactive medium. But be careful, we do not speak here of the fear of losing, game over, inherent to any game, even Mario, but the real fear, the big funk, the pee in the panties.

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The survival horror is born

If the games horror in existence as long as the video game, modern, with titles such as Sweet Home in 1989, or Alone in the Dark in 1992, he became a full-fledged genre, we talk about survival horror, withResident Evil ‘s Shinji Mikami in 1996. “For well over a decade, the horror is experiencing a golden age on consoles, up to the end of the PlayStation 2,” explains Kevin Bitterlin, editor-in-chief of VENTURE Magazine, who puts The Evil Within 2 in of the latest issue, with the issue of The video game can it still be scary ? We are in a period of convergence : the introduction
springs film, starting with the off-field, the wave of J-Horror movies Ring, The Grudge, and the encounter of the imaginary : zombies, ghosts… “

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More empathy, more fear

The franchises Silent Hill and Project Zero to improve the proposal of Shinji Mikami, with more empathy for the first and more of folklore for the second. “The survival horror is fed also to the stiffness of the controls, adds Kevin Bitterlin. You suffered, because you galérais. As was the case with the hero vulnerable, Monsieur and Madame-all-the-world. “A widower who does not know how to fight, or a young file only armed with a camera.

But with the advances in technology and the advent of Call of Duty and Gears of War, the genre has evolved and is folded to the all-action, like Resident Evil 4, Cold Fear or Dead Space. The editor-in-chief of JV, and a fan of survival horror, the regret : “You can’t create fear with the characters of soldiers over-training “. Even in the recent
Resident Evil 7 and back announced to the sources, the hero, an individual, wields the shotgun too quickly, too well.

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Masters of Horror

This is why Kevin has welcomed the first Evil Within in 2014: “Shinji Mikami offered fans a game tote, best of, telling less a story that he was not proposing an anthology of the Masters of Horror. Each chapter was a cliché of the genre, or a love letter it is under. “The Evil Within 2 sees the return of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who should not escape the world brain of the psychopath Ruvik, but of its own traumas and nightmares. You don’t understand ? It was also the case for some players of the first, and its premise at the Inception, which has pushed the authors to develop a story more understandable, and a game more accessible. A good series B.

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For a good shot of freaking her out, the red head JV also recommend Silent Hill 2 (” voltage constant, in a scenario remarkable “), SOMA (” one of my last big experience of funk “), Project Zero 2 (” dolls, puppets, ghosts… you are so requested you to crack “) and P. T., the demo promo for the Silent Hills of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, a game that will finally see never the light of day : “They had it all figured out ! It’s short, repetitive, bizarre, experimental, unique.”

*On PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4