The ex-diplomat told Europe 1, as Gorbachev has sold the GDR Kohl

In an interview with radio station Europe 1, a French writer and a former Soviet diplomat Vladimir Fedorov has shared behind-the-scenes details of the preparation of the USSR to the fall of the Berlin wall. According to him, to save the GDR from the introduction of Soviet troops in the spring of 1989 helped the intervention of Raisa Gorbacheva. And that summer, the head of the Soviet Union decided the fate of East Germany, simply “sold” it to Helmut Kohl, says an eyewitness.

Экс-дипломат рассказал Europe 1, как Горбачёв продал ГДР Колю

ReutersСпустя 30 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the French writer and former Soviet diplomat Vladimir Fedorov shared the radio station Europe 1 behind the scenes details of preparing for this event in the USSR.

According to him, on the sidelines of the Kremlin talking about the fall of the wall came in the spring of 1989. “In the early years of the KGB begins to send dispatches about the fact that, if things continue, the GDR and the Warsaw Pact will come to an end,” recalls former confidant of Mikhail Gorbachev.

As the source says Europe 1, in the USSR there were two camps advocated different solutions to problems. The first was the KGB and the military, insisted on military intervention in East Germany, the second Advisor of Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev and foreign Minister of the USSR Eduard Shevardnadze. Between representatives of both camps had conducted fierce disputes by the arbitrator which was made by the Secretary General.

As stressed by the former diplomat, the West in this period behaved very hesitantly: French President Francois Mitterand demanded the unification of Germany and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sent a telegram to Gorbachev. Their concern, according to Fedorovsky, was used by the KGB.

In recognition of the writer, all decided after Yakovlev came up with the “brilliant idea” to present his vision of the problem to the wife of the General Secretary Raisa Gorbacheva. “Yakovlev said, if we put troops, we will be held hostage by the KGB, perestroika, and the end will come, but Raisa continued his thought in private. The next morning went back to Gorbachev. The troops decided not to enter” — describes the decision-making process Fedorovskiy.

According to the colleague of Gorbachev, and later, in June 1989, the Secretary General went to Bonn “and simply sold the GDR Helmut Kohl”. Says ex-diplomat, it all happened during an official dinner, flavored with a large quantity of alcohol.

“Gorbachev and Sarkozy, does not tolerate alcohol, while Kohl’ve had your allotted two bottles of wine, says the writer. — Stake out (he was with Gorbachev to “you”) and says: “Michael, you know, the unification of Germany, as the Rhine it is a flood that cannot be stopped”. At this point he stops and utters the fateful phrase: “besides, we are ready to pay.” This was followed by a moment of silence, after which Gorbachev has placed points over “i” by asking, “How much?” So, according to Fedorovsky, sounded the alarm to the unification of Germany.

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