The expert called the representatives of the NTC of Libya terrorists

Эксперт назвал представителей ПНС Ливии террористами

Political analyst FRIGO “people’s Diplomacy” Evgeny Valyaev commented on the situation of detainees in Libya Russians.

The expert called shaped lawlessness of the actions of the militants of the so-called Government of national consent headed by Fitom Barragem. Russian citizens were arrested without any reason, demonstrating to the world that in Libya people peaceful occupations to work unsafe.

Saraju have something to hide, since he turned against peaceful journalists and sociologists. The Russians went to prison for “Mitiga”, which is controlled by the bandits from the group RADA, close to Sarraco and even included in the so-called PNS. On the East of the country controlled by General Khalifa Haftarot and the LDF, the socio-political situation has stabilized. North-West is mired in crime.

It is worth noting that once supported Russia had allowed the Syrian crisis, the Libyans had the opportunity to choose a different path to resolve the crisis in the country.

Valiaev also noted that in the PNS the role of the speakers is often put forward people cooperating with terrorists. Thus, a certain Abd al-Rauf Kara, the commander of the RADA and was involved in the kidnapping of the Russians in the spring of 2019.

The Russian foreign Ministry aware of the situation. The necessary declarations were made. The problem is that the political situation in Libya is unstable, so the release of the Russians is not easy.

Meanwhile, the Russian Imprint began to check the information about the abduction of Russians in Libya. Reacted and UN experts, the reports which referred to prison “Mitiga” and RADA, and in connection with the abduction, torture, slave trade, murder and illegal deductions for ransom.

Important point: the militants RADA included in the so-called NTC Ministry of interior, headed by Fathi Baragoi. And, most importantly, the West can no longer ignore that it supported the Libyan terrorists.

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