The expert explained what will happen to prices until the end of the year

Эксперт рассказала, что будет с ценами до конца года

By the end of this year, prices in Ukraine will not significantly change.

Economist Alexey Doroshenko on his page in facebook wrote that before the end of the year the essential rise in price of products will not be as consumer inflation is forecasted 1.5% to 1.8%. However, he noted that there are fluctuations in prices of traditional vegetables, up and down. Also, you should expect a further rise in price of eggs. Some cereals and bread will be the leaders, but within 2-3% for November-December. If in October the leader among bread was wheat bread, then in November you can expect a change the first number on the rye. Most products over the next two months will be slightly more expensive, but will not be higher consumer inflation.

Earlier, the “Economic news”, told about that in November seriously depreciated products from the on-Board kit. In addition, the shortage of potatoes occurred because of a poor harvest, was closed due to record imports of vegetables from other countries.

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