The expert gave a forecast schodo pervine rink NERUHOMOSTI in 2020 year

Експерт дала прогноз щодо ринку первинної нерухомості на 2020 рік

Nastupnogo rock a Cup of COF on zhitlo on pervinca rinku Mauger Prosti.

About TSE said Crouch partner business Community Asian RED Tetyana Shulga-Sablistka.

For a forecast at year 2020 thrivetime process peronospora soucage popito on pervine zhitlo, and takozh Yogo rakhunok imore zbilshennya for vprovadzhennya more lojalnych minds rosterman, namely zbilshennya trivalosti bezugsquelle period in Serenoa from 1 to 1.5 years I termno knapova pogasheniya to 40-42 months.

“For umove poltice econome stablest, from the year 2020 klicovymi when realzar of Chi hogo procto, together with rojalnymi umovami prebenda, become akin characteristics of the future LCD: storuman Ob objects nfrastructure, suchen planuvannya, NavNet recreating zones toscho”, – wage Shulga-Sablistka.

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