The expert has disclosed the reasons why the United States wrote fake on the death of al-Baghdadi – a gesture

Эксперт раскрыл причины, зачем США сочинили фейк о гибели аль-Багдади – это жесть

USA is actively spreading the “news” about the suicide bombing of the leader of terrorist gangs in Syria, al-Baghdadi as a result of allegedly held by the us military special operations. However, the version of his murder is so absurd, the evidence is so unconvincing that suggests that the story presented by the States – statement. Why the strongest power such obvious and blatant lies?

According to political analyst Vladimir Shapovalov, it is possible that killed al-Baghdadi not now. And, maybe, the us will declare its next destruction. At least, according to the expert, Washington is usual to declare the liquidation of terrorists, who then found unharmed.

By the way, when the Americans in fact, it turns out, they actively twist the tapes to confirm his words. So it was with the killing of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi. In the case of the Libyan leader, Hillary Clinton herself was broadcast live. Now, however, Washington chose to hide.

Эксперт раскрыл причины, зачем США сочинили фейк о гибели аль-Багдади – это жесть

Not only that, when suicide bombing a suicide vest remains not suitable for identification of remains, so even the very genetic examination States surely classify. And the place of death of the leader of the terrorists was tucked bombing from the air. After it no evidence about who actually died in that house, not exactly preserved.

Finally, the expert emphasizes, trump already stated that the troops withdrawn from Syria, and now suddenly it turns out that they carried out an operation on Syrian soil. Nonsense. When the White house lied about the output or about the operation?

Why Pindos to build this secret wall around seemingly of their success? Shapovalov said that it is a spectacular way to divert the eyes of the world community. While the world is discussing the sensation, and thinks Americans are good fellows, those under the guise of hiding the evidence of the theft of Syrian oil and selling it abroad.

So all the “heroism” of the United States in operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi, it is possible – the banal thieves vanity. Just afraid that their reputation as the world’s major exporters of democracy and fighters of ISIS* will turn into thieves stigma that couldn’t be washed off.

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