The expert spoke about ways of cheating on the “black Friday” in Ukraine

Эксперт рассказал о способах обмана на "черную пятницу" в Украине

Already the twenty-ninth of November, around the world to host an annual sale called “Black Friday”. Despite huge discounts, many out there leave the entire salary buying unnecessary things, under the pretext of “a sin not to take.” And here, the experts told about the most popular schemes of deception. About it write mass media.

If in most countries of the world on “black Friday” really huge discounts, in Ukraine, it is not always the case. Not to be ruined, and not go into minus, the sellers are cheating the buyers. For example, changing price tags, setting up there the original price, and give the huge discount.

Эксперт рассказал о способах обмана на "черную пятницу" в Украине

Expert, Maxim Nesmiyanov told about the most popular fraud schemes in Ukraine. The man said that indeed, exist in the country shops, which put on the products on sale, however, if the conditional in the United States of America and all goods in Ukraine only for a certain.

With huge price tags marked “discount” always attracts the attention of buyers, and this scheme has already been operating for many years.

Also, a man says that, in General, are doing discounts on things that are no longer relevant or outdated. A new smartphone or a new clothing collection will not be sold at a discount, because it is unprofitable.

“Cheating on things is up to 300%, that is, the store selling the item with a discount of 75 or more, just will not go to zero or negative, and may even get some profit” – he concluded.

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