The experts answer why the elderly is necessary to maintain vision in the normal

Эксперты ответили, почему пожилым людям обязательно нужно поддерживать зрение в норме

Healthy vision may slow the decline of cognitive abilities in elderly people, report scientists from the University of Miami. According to specialists, vision correction, expressed in the wearing of glasses or surgical intervention to remove cataract, allows older people to remain intellectually developed.

Past studies have shown that eating healthy food, regular physical activity and getting enough sleep help to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Given that the number of adults with dementia should triple by 2050, doctors hope the healthy vision can become a new type of intervention to prevent or delay the occurrence of age-related diseases.

During testing experts have studied 2520 adults aged 65 to 84 years for eight years, checking their eyesight and cognitive abilities every year. Each eye testing participants, on average, lost the ability to read one line on the table. The results showed that people who had poor eyesight, also had the worst score in the cognitive tests. According to experts, the vision has a strong influence on cognitive ability in old age, so its maintenance is extremely important for healthy aging.

The researchers admit that they do not fully understand the mechanism of the relationship between vision and cognitive function. There is an assumption that vision impairment can prevent brain stimulation, which is especially important in old age. For example, people with poor eyesight can’t solve crossword puzzles and to read books. “If you age, having poor eyesight, you not only reduce stimulation of your brain, but change your brain at the structural level,” says Dr. Heather Whitson.

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