The experts gave valuable tips that will help improve the health

Эксперты дали ценные советы, которые помогут улучшить здоровье

Experts told how to eat fruit for maximum benefits for the body. About this reports the BBC.

The publication noted that the British national health service (National Health Service, NHS) advises there are five daily servings of fruits and vegetables; one serving is 80 grams.

Scientists advise not to overdo consumption of vegetables and fruits. In General, each additional portion of vegetables and fruits significantly reduces the risk of premature death, but after 5 servings of this trend stops.

Other scholars, by contrast, emphasize that, the more a plant food diet, the less the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

The American Management on foodstuff and medicines (Food and Drug Administration, FDA) has brought such a daily intake of vegetables and fruits: 500-650 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit a day — women time should eat as many vegetables as it takes their fist and men how much two.

Experts point out that vegetables should be from different groups: green (broccoli, spinach), orange-red (carrot, tomato), starchy (potatoes), legumes (peas, beans) and all the others (cabbage, zucchini). During the week is to use all of the available diversity.

“Calculate exactly how much we need to eat fruit and vegetables difficult. We need to feel full, but not heavy, and I feel good. This means that we have enough”, say nutritionists.

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