The experts identified 5 age-related adjustments to the human diet

Эксперты определили 5 возрастных корректировок рациона человека

The human body is constantly changing and in 50 people people aren’t exactly like they were 20. Experts believe that to maintain and promote health it is necessary with age to reconsider your diet. Emphasized five factors.

Эксперты определили 5 возрастных корректировок рациона человека

Increasing protein intake. With age the body loses muscle mass. In order to keep the muscles in good shape, you need to add to your diet protein. In particular, people after the age of 65 is recommended to use 1-1,2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For comparison, among young people this rate is 0.8 of a gram. At the same time pay attention to not only meat and seafood, but for a lighter snack, such as nuts, chickpeas, eggs, dairy products and chocolate.
Reducing calorie intake. Long been known that with age there is a slowing of metabolism. Accordingly, the body no longer requires as many calories as you had in youth. Experts have calculated that after 40 years the body’s need for calories is reduced on average by 10% per decade. Based on these numbers and should make up your diet.

Eating foods with vitamin B12.
After many years of life to the body it becomes harder to absorb nutrients. Among them, the most important vitamin B12, which is involved in a number of different kinds of determining processes in the body. Experts recommend to use it in an amount of 2.4 micrograms per day. It also helps meat, fish, poultry, eggs and milk.

The use of calcium and vitamin D. These elements are vital with age. Their main role will consist in maintaining healthy bones, which helps protect against osteoporosis and fractures. Special attention in this case should be women. Experts advise to include in your diet more fish and dairy products.

Drink water.
With age comes to the fore and the problem of dehydration. The kidneys becomes more and more difficult to maintain the necessary balance. Therefore, be sure to drink throughout the day, plenty of water and prevent its shortage. It will also help to fight fatigue and prevent headaches.

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