The experts identified seven best foods for liver

Эксперты назвали семь лучших продуктов для печени

7 best foods for your liver that will improve its work and help it to remain healthy, despite the holiday fun.

About it writes the Telegraph.

Baked veal or Turkey

If you want to save your liver from excessive stress, stop your choice on the roast beef or the Turkey. This is a very tender meat, which has not only excellent taste, but also useful properties.

In addition, these products contain sufficient amount of good lean protein, which is the best snack to alcoholic beverages. Such food is digested for a long time, slowing down the breakdown of alcohol. Consequently, the liver processes it slowly, not peligrosas.

Pickles and sauerkraut

Be sure to put on the table favorite pickles. Crunchy pickles and sauerkraut would be sufficient. This may seem surprising, but this food is useful for human liver. They maintain water and salt balance in the body at a level that reduces the harmful effects of alcohol. And sauerkraut besides rich in vitamin C and good for the digestive system bacteria. It saves the body from intoxication by harmful substances.

Roasted vegetables

Note on roasted vegetables. They are prepared very simply and quickly. Just need to slice them as desired and add some spices. This dish is very nutritious and hearty, and has full right to be present at your Desk. A nice bonus: all vegetables contain a high amount of fiber, which does not disappear during heat treatment. This substance acts on the body exactly broom: speeds up metabolism and removes all the harmful and unnecessary elements.

The salad with beets

New year’s day is the perfect time to love a salad with beets. This vegetable is known for its healthy properties and a high content of vitamins and minerals.

The beets need to include in the diet at any time of the year, and in the New year especially. The fact that beetroot helps the gastrointestinal tract to function fully. And this is extremely useful in times of feasts, when the alcohol poisons and pollutes the body. In addition, beets contains flavonoids that improve liver function.


Any cabbage is extremely beneficial for the body and deserves your attention. The liver is especially in dire need of this product. Cabbage can be considered as the main supporter of this body, because it helps the liver to neutralize toxins and carcinogens. Choose any cabbage to your taste. It could be broccoli or Peking, white, red, cauliflower. They are all delicious and very useful.


Olives are the perfect snack for the holiday table. They may even need to eat alcoholic beverages of any strength. They contain useful oils that improve digestion and help the body get rid of excess, particularly when it is overloaded with fatty foods and alcohol. In addition, olives neutralize toxic substances that harm human health.


Yes, it is. The jelly will help your body better withstand the shock of the drunk alcohol. Jelly-like products when injected into the stomach wall envelop him, thereby protecting you from sudden intoxication and all the possible consequences of this condition. Alcohol is slowly absorbed, and the liver easier it is to recycle. And glycine, which is composed of jelly, have a positive effect on the brain and relieves emotional stress.