The experts suggested that in the winter to reduce the permissible speed of movement of cars

Эксперты предложили зимой снизить допустимую скорость движения машин

The experts made a proposal to reduce the speed limit car traffic in winter. This measure will help to solve both economic and environmental concerns, confident in the Russian road research Institute, reports RT.

In the cold season, the majority of motorists rides on studded tires, which leads to rapid wear of the road surface. Ultimately, the government forced to spend extra money on repair tracks, said head of the Department “roads, airfields, bases and foundations” of the Russian University of transport (MIIT) Nicholas Lushnikov.

“After 70 – 80 km/h, wear increases considerably. In this regard, if we limit the speed, it will lead not only to reduced wear and tear of the road surface, but also to improve traffic safety”, – said the expert.

In addition, less impact studded tires on the asphalt will help to reduce the negative impact of transport on the ecology of the city, I’m sure Lushnikov, citing a recent study.

The researchers analyzed data from the automatic monitoring stations of air pollution in Moscow in 2013, 2014 and 2015. It turned out that the highest concentration of suspended particles (a mixture of tiny solid and liquid particles formed during the destruction of the road surface) in the atmosphere coincides with the seasonal change of tires. The more cars with studded tires on the roads, the more polluted the atmosphere becomes. The greatest concentration of harmful substances was recorded near highways on which cars travel at high speed.

It was also found that the effect of spikes on the pavement provokes greater the formation of dust containing harmful substances. They can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease and allergies.