The explosion of the smartphone has caused a person’s death

Взрыв смартфона стал причиной смерти человека

Unfortunately, increasing the number of casualties due to the explosions of smartphones. Another tragic incident occurred with a resident of Malaysia, who died as a result of ignition of the mobile device. The battery explosion was so powerful that the mobile phone had caused a severe head injury of the owner. According to preliminary estimates of experts, because of the injury he could lose consciousness, and death was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning after the fire started.

The deceased was a senior official in one of the funds of Malaysia and without a father left three minor children. Unknown at this time which became the cause of his death. In everyday life, he used two smartphone brand BlackBerry and Huawei. The explosion occurred at night when both devices were connected to a charger, and their owner slept. It seems that both smartphone burned to ashes and the culprit of the tragedy impossible. What could be the cause of the explosion is unknown. There may be several: the use of a counterfeit charger, poor battery and even drop voltage.


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