The Expos of 1994 the object of the compassion of the american media

Les Expos de 1994 toujours l’objet de la compassion des médias américains

The protracted negotiations between major league baseball and the players Association, in recent weeks, were brought back to the memory of the american media the strike of 1994, and, above all, the sad fate of the Montreal Expos.

A bit like the daily New York Post , which had been circulated at the beginning of the month of may, a report on the training unhappy Love deprived of its championship, the newspaper USA Today has devoted several lines to the team that had a record of 74-40 when the campaign of 1994 was halted on August 12.

Under the pen of the journalist Steve Gardner, the media in question recalls, first, that major league baseball wanted to avoid this year, a scenario similar to that of 26 years ago. Then, he lists a few events relating to the Exhibitions which could occur in place of the slow agony that led to the relocation of the franchise after the 2004 season.

Thus, the author mentions that the Expos could have won the world Series in 1994 at the expense of the New York Yankees, who had the best record in the american League. Pitcher Pedro Martinez would have been able to attract the attention in October of that year.

Then, Larry Walker would have been able to decide to remain with the team instead of ending up with the Colorado Rockies. The USA Today adds that the Atlanta Braves would have won when even the section title in 1995 and 1996, before the Expos don’t get it in 1997, beating the Florida Marlins, the best second.

During this campaign, Vladimir Guerrero would have impressed and Martinez would have won the trophy in the Cy-Young; in fact, he had obtained before being traded to the Boston Red Sox during the off-season. The Dominican would have initialled an agreement of six years instead of leaving the metropolis in quebec, according to the newspaper.

A successful team?

However, this is not all. “Thanks to a youth training exciting, the enthusiasm of the supporters have reached an all-time high and the pace acquired would have led to a superb new stadium in downtown Montréal in order to replace the olympic Stadium, old of more than two decades,” adds the daily.

The latter then asserts that the crowds would have climbed to impressive levels prior to the opening of the Park Labatt in 2000. The USA Today believes that, with this new infrastructure, the Expos would not have experienced a sequence of seven years with the worst average of assistance of the major, while the art dealer Jeffrey Loria would never have been in the portrait to become the owner of the club.

The media has continued its projections, arguing that the Expos would not have traded up in 2002 to put the hand on the pitcher, Bartolo Colon. Therefore, they would have kept Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore, of the players who have taken the path of the Indians of Cleveland.

The following year, Montreal would have won a second title of the world Series by defeating again the Yankees. For their part, the Marlins –who have been champions in 2003– have moved to Washington in the fall of 2004.

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