the fabric of his suit is produced near Lyon

    the fabric of his suit is produced near Lyon

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    After spending 28 seconds in the midst of the flames, the driver had managed to extricate himself from his Formula 1, with only a few burns to his hands and feet. This miracle, he owes in large part to his jumpsuit, which had been woven in the Rocle textile factory in Tarare, north-west of Lyon.

    Since its acquisition by the Ardèche group Chamatex in 2019, this company has acquired new know-how. It now has a special weaving machine for Formula 1 suits. For the past ten years, the Chamatex group has indeed participated in their development, after having created a non-flammable fabric, resistant to the most extreme temperatures.

    As part of a synergy of companies, Rocle is thus led to produce this famous Chamatex fabric. “It is used on 80% of the combinations of Formula 1 teams”, specifies Philippe Jusselme, the industrial director.

    This technical fabric, designed in synthetic Nomex fiber, meets certification from the International Automobile Federation. After being woven, it is sold to specialists in suits. It was the Italian supplier Alpinestars who manufactured the one used by Romain Grosjean.

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