The facilitator Claude Lafortune dies as a result of the COVID-19

L'animateur Claude Lafortune décède des suites de la COVID-19

The artist Claude Lafortune, known for its programme for children the Gospel in The paper, died Sunday morning in the aftermath of the COVID-19.

It is his grandson, Guillaume Lafortune, who confirmed the sad news on Facebook.

“It was a being of light,” confirms the actress Marie Eykel, who was also a friend of Claude Lafortune.

The facilitator is said to have died after having contracted pneumonia, then an infection with the bacteria C difficile. It is, therefore, to the hospital, he would have been infected by the Covid-19, ” says Ms. Eykel.

“The sad thing is that we have not been able to see since march 13,” because of the containment. It is therefore death alone, let it fall.

Until last fall, Claude Lafortune continued to create works on paper and post them on social networks.

“I was convinced that he would live up to 100 years,” said Ms. Eykel.

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“Save his life with paper, scissors and the glue was not self-evident. Closed doors, you had to push it to succeed to put in value your ideas and your creations. Yet, you managed to impose your own art,” he wrote in reference to the Gospel in The paper. In this issue worship of 70 years, Claude Lafortune reproducing biblical scenes with the puppets in the paper that he understood. There has only been one season, but numerous reruns have managed to mark an entire generation.

Believing, Claude Lafortune explained, however, that the Gospel in The paper did not have a religious vocation in his mind. It was rather the transmission of humanistic values that motivated him in telling the story of the life of Jesus for children, he said.

A graduate of the École des beaux-arts, trained as a sculptor has also hosted the program, youth Plots, of the sun of the late 80’s to the early 2000’s.

Before even going in front of the camera, Claude Lafortune had participated in the creation of sets of multiple emissions mythical for the children, such as The Mouse green, The Ribouldingue, or Soil and Cup.

Even after having surpassed 80 years old, Claude Lafortune has continued to create until the very end.

On social networks, several public figures were keen to pay their last respects, including the minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy.

“I am grieved to learn of the death of Claude Lafortune, who among other things gave the Gospel in The paper. My condolences to his family and his relatives,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

– With the QMI Agency

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