The factory in Yamachiche is gradually taking over the work

YAMACHICHE | factory Atrahan of Olymel to Yamachiche has resumed progressively its activities, on Tuesday, after a forced closure of two weeks caused by a propagation of the COVID-19.

Visors on the helmets, goggles, masks, separation of acrylic when the two meters regulatory may not be complied with: the security measures have increased since the closure of Atrahan on march 29 for a period of two weeks.

Olymel believes to have been working with public Health to control the spread within the plant and be able to gradually resume his activities.

“Everyone, including us, the management of the factory, and the employees, is aware of the risks and is aware that it must be absolutely, strictly, follow to the letter all the measures that are recommended,” said a spokesman for Olymel, Richard Vigneault.

To Yamachiche, the citizens are not alarmed by the reopening of the business. Still, the mayor of the municipality, Paul Carbonneau, insisted to go to visit the facilities and see the improvements.

“I believe that we are on the right track. I think it has quite had. People need to positive a little bit and I think it will go well”, he said.

The union has been consulted for the development of new measures, but the risk is still large, according to the union representative Janick Vallières. Moreover, two workers among the 118 cases reported to date among the employees are in the intensive care.

“Everyone has some anxiety beginning to work again. But the fact that the public health is in the folder leads to a certain amount of security, he argued.

About 130 people have taken over the work relating to the slaughter on Tuesday and 250 will be added Wednesday to resume the cutting of the pigs.

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