The failure of the center: in the center of Moscow dipped bottom

Провал на Мытной: в центре Москвы просел грунт

Ground subsidence occurred in the centre of Moscow, Mytnaya street, reports m24.

The ground slipped on a road near the house № 3. The area of the failure was about four square meters, depth – up to half a meter. As a result of road traffic was hampered.

On a scene there arrived emergency services. The causes of PE are specified. According to preliminary information, no injuries. In Prefecture TSAO has promised to restore the roadbed in the near future.

In January because of the sinkhole was blocked traffic on the street Fergana in the South-East of Moscow. A similar incident in the same street took place in March last year. Then, when the construction of the metro station “South-Eastern” was a failure of the soil to a depth of four meters.