The fall in the price of pork scares producers

La chute du prix du porc fait peur aux producteurs

The impact of the pandemic on the pig market could likely result in a decrease in the price of the ribs, fillets and other chops to the BBQ this summer, believe experts.

“If you want to save an important sector in Québec, it is necessary to eat pork this summer,” lance immediately Sylvain Charlebois, senior director at the Laboratory for analytical sciences agri-food, Dalhousie University.

“If I had to bet a $ 100, the price of pork is expected to decrease in the detail “, argues, in turn, a professor in the Department of agri-food economics and consumer sciences at Université Laval’s Maurice Doyon.

The delays accumulated in the slaughterhouse and the closure of the restaurants have caused a surplus of cattle producers, according to the president of the pork producers of Quebec, David Duval.

“The pigs could not be passed,” he said. The price dropped drastically. “

Losses of$150 Million

Mr. Jones recalls that the losses related to the COVID-19 for the pork producers of Quebec are estimated at $ 150 million.

“It’s been at least 10 years that we will not have had a year as bad,” says as to him, Serge Ménard, a co-owner of the farm Meloporc, at Saint-Thomas de Joliette. “In 45 years in the field, I have rarely seen it,” he continues. And forecasts for the fall are even worse. “

“To drain the reserves of pork, it is necessary to stimulate demand,” adds Charlebois. The retailers could sell the product at a discount. “

The barbecue season, therefore, would have had to be the time for producers to make a profit. But not this year.

The cost of producing a pig is about $ 200. The sale price is variable, but “in the summer, as demand is stronger, we can sell it for around $ 220,” said Mr. Ménard.

In the week of 29 June, the average price of a pig has closed at 146,79 $, and in mid-April, it is even down to 126,06 $, report of the swine Breeders in Quebec.

La chute du prix du porc fait peur aux producteurs

Louis-Philippe Roy
Pork producer

Bankruptcy in view

“If we are going to a fall with price cuts like these and that the governments do not come to the assistance of producers, it is certain that many will not pass through “, believes his side Louis-Philippe Roy, owner of the farm The pigs du Roy in Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, and president of the swine Breeders of the Two Banks.

“If it continues like this, there are several pork producers who are going to go bankrupt in the next few months “,

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