The family dreamed about a very big cat, and once in their house there was a Puma

From that moment on, people’s lives changed…

Сім&#039я мріяла про дуже велику кішку, і одного разу в їхньому будинку з&#039явилася пума

We all have different dreams. For example, Maria and Alexander Dmtri wanted was to have a huge cat in my house. And, you know, it has become a reality!

Once the young people saw eight-month-old kitten Cougars in Saransk petting zoo in Penza. People were fascinated by the animals and decided that it must take home. Strangely, the owner of the zoo agreed, informs Rus.Media.

3 years giant cat lives with Mary and Alexandra. A three-year pet name is Messi, and he, of course, has a page in Instagram.

Don’t look to impressive dimensions pumy – though he weighs forty pounds, he behaves like a good pet cat.

Maria and Alexander did a good thing, because due to the fact that Messi spent a lot of time in captivity, it can not be released into the wild. But life under the care of caring people is much better than the existence in the petting zoo.

The owners Cougars have long engaged in the medical treatment of animals. By the way, Messi sizes are considered quite small, when compared with relatives that live in the wild.

The contents in the house of Puma is very different from the usual care of a cat, and need a lot more.

Interestingly, the hosts in the deny pet?

Messi lead to exhibitions, regularly bathed, well fed and carefully nurtured. Puma walking twice a day and often out in the countryside – on the sea coast or in the mountains.

Pet was sent to a training school, and he mastered the 10 teams.

Other animals Messi is not aggressive. Mary and Alexander still lives and the Sphinx Kira, but was quite happy with my huge friend.