The family of John Bowman is at the front

La famille de John Bowman est au front

John Bowman is affected in multiple ways by the pandemic COVID-19. Not only could it put a premature end to his career, but it lurks also several members of his family who work “the front” in the New York area.

More than 138 000 cases of COVID-19 had been identified Wednesday evening in New York city and nearly 10,000 people have died. The two sisters of the defensive lineman with the Montreal Alouettes are still in their positions, such as police and social worker.

His uncle, who works at a shelter in New York city, has also tested positive to the disease and is currently based at home.

“[My sisters] are still there, at the front, doing their job, he said proudly at the site of the canadian football League (CFL) on Tuesday. [When we talk], we laugh a little, to try to bring a little levity to the situation. We always try to have fun and keep a positive mind even if times are difficult.”

37-year-old Bowman has also shared a speech that many athletes have held since the beginning of the crisis in praising all those who are directly involved in fighting the pandemic.

“I have already said, but the football players, actors and all of that, we are held in high esteem, but we should not. The people who do this work every day, without glory, without fame, they are the people who should be applauded. Currently, the health [comes first] and restart it all the rest comes later.”

“Football, sports, all that comes right away in the list.”

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