The family of Stephen Hawking gives his respirator at a hospital

La famille de Stephen Hawking donne son respirateur à un hôpital

LONDON | The family of the late renowned british astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has donated her personal respirator to the Cambridge hospital which had cared for, for its contribution to the fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus.

According to his daughter, Lucy Hawking, the Royal hospital Papworth in Cambridge had provided her father for a medical support ” brilliant, dedicated, and compassionate “, before he took off at the age of 76 years, on march 14, 2018.

“We realized that it would be in the front line of the epidemic of the COVID-19 and have been in contact with some of our old friends there and ask them if we could help them,” she added in a press release published Wednesday on the website of the hospital.

After the death of the physicist suffering from lou gehrig’s disease, his family had traveled to the hospital to all the respirators that the public service of british health (NHS) had provided. But Stephen Hawking had bought himself some machines, explained his daughter.

“We pass now to the NHS in the hope that they will help in the fight against the COVID-19,” said Ms. Hawking, commending the role “incredibly important” that had held the Royal Papworth Hospital in the “times really difficult,” that had crossed his father.

This gift comes as the United Kingdom, very heavily affected by the pandemic of sars coronavirus with over 17 000 deaths in the hospitals, lack of some medical equipment to deal with the health crisis.

According to the minister of Health in the uk Matt Hancock, the country had at the beginning of April of 9000 to 10 000 respirators within the NHS, and 2000 others in the private clinics. He had announced the arrival of 1500 additional machines in the following weeks.

In the Face of the increasing influx of patients for the new coronavirus, the Royal Papworth Hospital has received ventilators additional of the NHS, but has also added that the family Hawking, after the checks have been sanitary to use.

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