The famous humpback whale near the Jacques-Cartier bridge

La fameuse baleine à bosse près du pont Jacques-Cartier

MONTREAL | The famous whale that does so much good publicity since she has begun to explore the St. Lawrence river, has been noticed at the height of Montreal, Saturday, a situation that is out of the ordinary.

The humpback whale, also called humpback whale, has been seen in the water in montreal as he advanced towards the west.

“A humpback whale swims currently off the coast of Montreal, near the Jacques-Cartier bridge. The response team Emergency Marine Mammals is on the water and document the situation”, said on Facebook the Group for research and education on marine mammals (GREMM).

“[The team] will try to assess the condition of the animal, and get better pictures for possible identification. If you watch from the shore the whale, don’t forget to follow the instructions of public health! Your health and the health of the whale is important to us”, a-t-is added.

“Be alert to its presence and keep 100 meters distance with the whale”, a-t-a is also specified.

The whale has been sighted multiple times over the past few days, especially at the height of Quebec city and Sorel-Tracy.

According to GREMM, it is unusual that a humpback whale moves as far away in the south-west of Quebec. You can see more often this type of cetacean in the river in the region of Côte-Nord.

“This is a first to our knowledge”, said to Marie-Eve Muller, GREMM, Friday.

The agency believes that “the cetacean should be able to resume the path towards the estuary or gulf of St. Lawrence by himself.”

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