The father of Britney Spears lets her marriage with her boyfriend Sam Asgari

Отец Бритни Спирс препятствует ее браку с бойфрендом Сэмом Асгари

About marriage of Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asgari Western tabloids say no, but the lovers are still not in a hurry with the legitimation of relations. Journalists speculated that the pop star’s just afraid to get burned again, but the thing was in the father of Britney.

Jamie Spears strongly opposed to his daughter marrying Asgari. He was sure that the guy is young and uses Spears for their benefit. “Britney has long wanted to marry Sam, but he doesn’t want to do that. Between them the pair have long been calling each other husband and wife. Britney is sure that he is, and Sam is willing to wait as long as necessary,” the insider reported. Britney and Sam along with November 2016 and since then regularly delight fans of romantic pictures and the video, which clearly shows that they are happy together.

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