The fear of speaking out, of losing his job in a CHSLD

La peur de parler, de perdre son travail en CHSLD

When the provincial government sought the help of physicians to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 in accommodation Centres for long-term care facilities (CHSLD) in Quebec, the pediatrician Catherine Audet has responded to the call.

Dr. Audet has come, has seen, but was not able to defeat the new coronavirus, or even apparently to mitigate its devastating impact in the elderly, in the company of nurses and orderlies that she said experienced, because a list of logistical problems and major structural permit this, ” she says.

To all this is added, it seems, a kind of growing fear of speaking.

Two thermometers for a complete floor

In comparison with other medical environments, such as that of Dr. Audet where they treat children, and where the COVID-19 is not as lethal, the underlying problems appear to be so alarming in the eyes of the pediatrician that she decided to write a letter denunciatory intent of the public Health.

It all starts with a lack of equipment that Catherine Audet is unacceptable. Called upon to take the vital signs of patients and provide care that evening in a hot zone of a ltc facility where she had been assigned, the doctor discovered deficiencies unusual.

“There are several things that are not done according to the standards that are met in other care settings,” said the pediatrician community in the region of Blainville-Boisbriand in an interview broadcast on LCN, Saturday.

“We need equipment : thermometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, lists-t-it. There were two available for the whole floor. These devices roam from one room to another, between patients who are not necessarily all with the COVID. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect the instruments between each patient. Usually, one should have the material used for the same patient in his room as much as possible or material that is easy to disinfect. ”

Dr. Audet is also a mention of a lack of disinfection equipment : waste bins, bins for disposing of the instruments soiled gloves to be inadequate. In other words, there is nothing to limit the risk of the spread with the slice of population most at risk in the context of the pandemic.

Misfire management

This kind of situation is not something that is actually seen, according to Dr. Audet, in other care settings. Knowing that a ” thermometer disposable, that’s about 2 $ “, it seems clearly to be a problem of structure. She has participated in the deployment of the pediatric medical clinic COVID located in Boisbriand, started at the same time as the pandemic. On this side, the structure was built smoothly and has achieved good results, to his eyes.

In the CHSLD where Catherine Audet has worked, ” a lot of things were not met. ”

“These are not professionals, attendants, nurses on site, who lack the will; it is really a lack of material and of structure, of organization, see the pediatrician. Usually, these are the people sent to prevent infections in health care settings that put these structures in place. From what I’ve seen in the NURSING homes to which I was appointed, this was not in place. ”

“I am a physician specialist and I have seen these flaws quickly, she adds. Other people before me had seen them too. I hope that the responsible people to listen to us, listen to the good ideas of the people on the ground quickly and are responsive to readjust their shot quickly. ”

Culture of fear?

These ideas of the people on the ground, Dr. Audet has gathered at the same time that its grievances in its letter of intent to the public Health. She wants to listen to the nursing staff – the same staff that seems, she says, have a fear of public speaking; fear of losing their jobs.

The people who are on the ground, we do not listen to them, she believes.

“I gathered their ideas and I told them that I was going to put them in a letter that I was going to send it to the right person to try things to change, she assured. They were immediately afraid that I shall appoint, by fear for their jobs. ”

“These people work in the shadows, continue to believe in it, and ask a pediatrician, who is not at all the environment to go further to change things. I find it a little sad. ”

The message of this specialist, happy to go lend a hand when she had to do it, will it be heard within authorities?

“The team on the field, I flanked, as many attendants than nurses who held the fort, is exceptional. I want to bring the message of the nursing staff, ” she said.


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