The Feast of the fishing and Fishing in grass cancelled

Because of all this that surrounds the pandemic of the COVID-19 and, especially, to comply with the guidelines of the public health, the department of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks is seen in the obligation to cancel the Feast day of fishing.

For more than 20 years, the first weekend of June had become an appointment very important for the fishing enthusiasts who could practice their hobby without the need of the fishing licence. These three days allowed them also to initiate novices to the practice of fishing, in order to create a succession plan. As was often the case that there is crowding significant on several fishing sites, the MFFP had no choice. According to the standards of the public health, it is forbidden to gather as much inside as outside. The cancellation became inevitable.

For young people who would participate in the various activities of Fishing in grass, the situation was the same. Very often, the young people come together in large numbers to participate in the induction activities organized in the framework of these days. With the rules in force, it became impossible to hold these special days.

At the same time, all the activities of the Program support the seeding of lakes and water courses (PSLECE) have also been cancelled. It is important to know that the MFFP, via the Foundation of the wildlife, provided assistance to various organizations that inoculate a large quantity of fish for the Feast of the fisheries and Fishing in the grass.

The season begins Friday

These cancellations do not affect the regular season of fishing, which begins this morning as planned for the fishing of the trout.

It is also worth mentioning that this is the morning that begins the hunting of the wild turkey. For the amateur who would not be able to register their animal is harvested, in a check-in station official, they can go on the department’s website at where they will find the necessary form to do so.

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