The federal government apologizes to Canadians who are persecuted because of their sexual orientation

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
“I’m sorry, we’re sorry”, has launched the prime minister Justin Trudeau in the House of commons.

The tribunes of the commons were crowded, Tuesday, to hear Justin Trudeau’s present with “shame, sadness and deep regret” on behalf of the federal government, an official apology to Canadians of the community LGTBQ2.

“It is with shame, sadness and a deep regret for the things we have done that I am here in front of you, and I say : we were wrong “, let go of the prime minister after having listed a series of harmful actions by the government for decades.



The government has been ” wrong “. Wrong to have ” forced to live away “, “made invisible” and “humiliated” its citizens of the communities lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two spirited (LGTBQ2). Wrong for having conducted a “witch-hunt” against its employees, if it is sorry.

I hope that in speaking of these injustices, promising that they will never again occur, and acting to correct these errors, we can begin to heal together.
The canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau

“The government apparatus, the army and the RCMP spied on its own people,” to detect in them ” everything that could look like a homosexual behavior […] “, believing that this “character flaw” could be exploited for misuse by enemy nations, he recalled.


“You were not bad soldiers, sailors, and pilots. You were not predators. And you were not criminals “, has hammered the prime minister Trudeau, under the watchful gaze of certain individuals, who, in the bleachers, have suffered from this hunt.


“You have served your country with integrity. […] You are professionals. You are patriots. And above all, you are innocent. And for all your suffering, you deserve justice and you deserve peace, ” he insisted.


“The fact that you have suffered if ill-treatment is our collective shame “, regretted the prime minister, who had taken his children Xavier and Ella-Grace at the parliament to witness the historic apology he made on Tuesday.


“I hope that in speaking of these injustices, promising that they will never again occur, and acting to correct these errors, we can begin to heal together,” he argued in a speech during which he made 12 times the word ” sorry “.


At the end of this speech, which lasted more than 20 minutes, the prime minister has been embraced by some deputies openly gay and lesbian caucus, Rob Oliphant, Seamus O Regan, Scott Brison and Randy Boissonnault.


The speech that Justin Trudeau has been punctuated by a few cheers in the Room. In the benches of the conservative-sparse — it was missing between 20 and 30 members depending on the time, a handful of three or four elected officials have chosen to remain seated with each stroke.


The prime minister’s speech was followed by that of the chief curator, Andrew Scheer, and the chief parliamentary néodémocrate, Guy Caron, who in their turn condemned the actions taken by the government against the community LGBTQ2 in the past.

Bill and compensation

The apology by Justin Trudeau, are associated with a financial compensation and a bill that would allow Canadians punished once for same-sex relationships are consensual to erase any trace of these convictions.

Bill C-66 “on the cancellation of convictions that constitute historical injustices” provides for the destruction of all documents related to these “crimes” of gross indecency or sodomy, for which homosexuals have been accused for decades.

Under this legislative measure filed Tuesday morning by the minister of public Safety, Ralph Goodale, the cancellation may be requested by a citizen has already been convicted, or even by a near relative if the victim is deceased.

The government would authorize the parole Board of Canada to order, or to reject, a request for cancellation of a sentence.

In addition, the federal government announced Tuesday that it would pay more than $ 100 million to compensate military personnel and civil servants whose careers have been disrupted or ended because of their sexual orientation.

Federal employees who had been the subject of investigations and who had been punished, or even dismissed, in the framework of this “purging antigaie” in government, have filed a class action, but an agreement in principle was reached last Friday.

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