The federal government called upon to pay the rent of the SMES

The vast majority of owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) believe that the federal government should provide subsidies or exemptions to pay the rent, according to a new survey.

In fact, 91% of the entrepreneurs would like this better than of the loans or deferrals of tax.

This is revealed by a stroke of the probe conducted by the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB) of its members, and which was made public Monday. This grouping has 110 000 members throughout the country.

According to the CFIB, barely one in five companies is currently operating at full performance, while the contractors are seeing reductions in income massive.

“More than half of SMES report they are not able to pay the rent of may, without additional financial support, as they were a quarter to be worried not to get there in April,” said the Federation by way of a press release.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau has announced the creation of a rent assistance program commercial, in the last week. The plan, however, has not been detailed, which makes the anxiety more owners. The CFIB also mentions that only 37% of businesses would be able to pay their rent in full during the pandemic.

“At this stage, a postponement of the rent will not suffice. Companies need to be exempted from a substantial part of the cost of the rent. The provincial governments are the ones who have ordered the closure of many SMES. It is therefore necessary measures to help the business owners to pay the rent as long as the closures due to the COVID-19 will last,” asked François Vincent, the vice-president of the CFIB, also by press release.

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