the felines at the cat bar ‘wrote’ a novel during confinement

    the felines at the cat bar ‘wrote’ a novel during confinement

    Their paw: diversify to last and get through the crisis

    Despite the containment and its closure, there is unrest at the GentleCat. Firstly because the cats are there, and the two managers take turns with them all day, but also because orders are pouring in. Beyond the novel, they sell tea boxes through the internet or in ” click and collect ”. This diversification, which began before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the emphasis placed on their website and online store, allows them to cross 2,020 without too much damage and to hold out over time. When the GentleCat opened, it was 5e cat bar from France. “We are now twenty-five, but more than two in Lyon. The second is not on the same niche, he proposes to adopt his boarders ”(Editor’s note Au Bonheur des chats, in the 7e ). The GentleCat is ultra-present on social networks.

    The cat bar, which is also a tea room offering snacks at lunchtime in normal times, has been constantly reinventing itself since it opened just five years ago. Sunday brunch, games workshops, ‘yoga cats’ (with cats), evening escape game and even eco-responsible and made in Lyon cat furniture, under its own brand, Patte de Lyon. “It’s true that we move around a lot. We launched the furniture… on March 15th (the loose one, laughs). It’s like we felt like something bad was going to happen. The famous feline sixth sense? So many cool ideas in any case to put at the foot of the “chapin”.


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