The Fes explained how to go on vacation

Роструд объяснил, как правильно уходить в отпуск

The Federal service for labour and employment explained how to go on vacation. The Russians reminded that the decision on the division of leave taken by the employee. The employer has no right to impose on the employee of their options, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Also, according to the law, the employee has the right to share their legitimate 28 vacation days apart. At least one of them must not be shorter than 14 days. The employer does not have to participate in the distribution days. For example, to require the employee be required to include in the holiday weekend.

In the case of violations, according to the Labour code the employer may be given a warning or fined up to five thousand rubles for officials and individual entrepreneurs and up to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities.

In addition, the Federal service for labor and employment reminded the obligation of the employer to provide paid vacation and juvenile employees, employed in hazardous occupations. Men whose wives are on maternity leave, needs to go on vacation at any time.