The fifteen cities related demand in Montreal to review its budget

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Benoit Dorais is difficult to see which of the elements of the agglomeration budget it could “scrapper”.

The anger of the mayors of fifteen cities related to Montreal island did not weaken the authority Plant-Dorais. It has rejected the claim of the elected representatives to review its budget, which imposes a marked increase in the financial contribution of the suburbs.


Municipalities défusionnées have seen a surge in invoice that claims the City of Montreal for the common services, such as police, fire and transport. The average increase in quota that will be required to pay the related cities in 2018 reached 5.3 per cent, but for many, the increases are much higher. This is the case of Mont-Royal (9.8%), and Montreal-West (9 %).


Furious, the mayors were asked Friday to the administration to return to the drawing table and redo the budget tabled on Wednesday. “We face a substantial increase which is unacceptable. You have no taken into consideration the impacts that these taxes would have on taxpayers, not only for the related cities, but for your own city “, said the mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle, the chairman of the executive committee of the City of Montreal, Benoit Dorais, at the public session of the finance committee Friday. “We offer to work with you to see how we could make choices and come up with a budget below inflation, while respecting your own election commitments. “

5,3 %

Average increase in quota that will be required to pay the related cities in 2018

A peace union that’s expensive


Benoit Dorais has taken note of the grievances of Mr. Bourelle, but argued that the expenses that inflate the invoice of the agglomeration may not, according to him, be deferred in time. “We could do a budget less inflationary, as you say, continuing to shovel at the front. At this time, we would pay more in the future, ” he said.


The increases in the five budget items that particularly affect the budget of the city, including public safety (+$25 million) — with the agreements on the pension plans of police and firefighters, transport (+ 27.7 million) and water management (+ 15 million).


The collective agreement of the police entered into by the administration Coderre, last summer was expensive to the City, has supported Mr. Dorais : “It is not I who signed. I have no judgement on the fact that it is good or less good, but the numbers are such that it must absorb. “


Last September, the City stipulated that the new convention would have a net financial impact of $ 15 million in 2018. This agreement involves a restructuring of the pension plans, salary increases ranging from 2% to 1.5 % until 2021, as well as the introduction of premiums. The City, however, is heard with the Brotherhood of police officers for the use of cadets in the management of traffic around construction sites, and an economy anticipated 6.2 million.


As for the firefighters, the City indicated that it should pay compensation for 15 years equal to 2.5% of their wages due to a clause in their collective agreement dating back to 1992, and stating that any amendment to the pension plans should be compensated.


Benoit Dorais is difficult to see which of the elements of the agglomeration budget it could ” scrapper “.


He has even promised that the next budget, the related cities would be “put in touch” and be notified of price increases that could affect them.

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