The fights are not of local importance. What really happened to Zelensky in Kharkov

Бои не местного значения. Что на самом деле произошло с Зеленским в Харькове

© RIA Novosti, Igor Chekachkov As predicted by the, the conflict between Kharkiv mayor Gennadiy Kernes and the new government moved into the open phase. After Kernes was not invited to the representation of the new Governor of the Kharkiv region Alexey Kucher, Gennady Adol’fovich made in social networks with an unprecedented volume and a sharp message.Gennady Kernes, first of all, drew attention to the impropriety of not invitation of the mayor of the regional center on the representation of the new Governor. If earlier it was possible to assume that the absence of the mayor was due to his illness or business trips, but now all doubts are dispelled.

Without Kernes

“On this view, the mayor of Kharkiv, was not of the heads of state regional administrations and district administrations of Kharkiv, there was no rectors of educational institutions, despite the fact that our city is the student capital of the country, — says Kernes. — It was not there and the deputies of the regional Council, which Chapter is a lot of work. But hall for 250 seats was filled with people who love and know how to cling to any authority. People who cut wood before the first visit of the President to Kharkov and continue to chop it to this day. Such attendance is not surprising, since the organization of this meeting engaged the former Governor of the region”.So, Kernes was not invited deliberately and consciously, and did it ex-the Governor of the region, which the President strongly praised after he saw pictures of the desolation of the state enterprises. Moreover, Zelensky promised to create a Commission to investigate the activities of the mayor of Kharkov, he confirmed and supposedly random “activist” Andrew Elhovo (actually head of the organizational Department of the Fund of civil initiatives Arsen Avakov).

But Avakov

The die is cast. Zelensky took the side of the perennial opponent of Gennady Kernes Arsen Avakov, which today depends on his own presidential future. In a sign of loyalty people Avakov Arsen Borisovich officially appointed to manage another (after Odessa) is a key region of Ukraine. Plus left him in control of the national guard and border guards, restyled odious colleagues like Anton Gerashchenko, the impunity of well-known protégé Avakov and the “white leader” Biletsky and finally, the public flogging of one of the main opponents of the Minister, the mayor of Kharkiv Kernes…

With the General electorate

Mr. Avakov is becoming a major politician in Ukraine, and nothing good is Kernes promises. Variants of Gennady Adol’fovich little costly intercession Kolomoisky, a hasty medical emigration, immediate entry into the battle for the electorate following the local elections. The problem is that voters Kernes, led him to a triumphant victory in the last local elections, and voters Zelenskiy (Kharkov and gave him one of the highest percentages in the presidential election) is one and the same people.Accordingly, the choice before Kharkov is an edge: “Avakov — war” (and completely under his control Zelensky with their “servants”) against the mayor of Kharkov, on the shift whose dream of being activists literally from the first day he came to urban management. Falling of a rating of “Servants of people” — only a matter of time since I got it, but the awareness of this sad fact the people of Ukraine still need a few months. From another point of view, the resistance of Kernes, in theory, a promising way to channel the discontent accumulating in the controlled direction (and the fact that Gennady Adol’fovich negotiability, no doubt).

And the market in the row

Another interesting point in a series of angry messages Kernes — a sharp criticism of entrepreneurs Barabashovsky market and standing behind them one of the richest people of Ukraine Oleksandr Feldman. Kernes is forced to devote part of the message of the meetings of the President with the people, secrets which, perhaps, are a secret only for Zelensky.

“Regarding your communication with “the people” at the entrance of the factory and plant. Malysheva. Vladimir, you were misled — it was the “activists” and pseudopedinella the market “Barabashovo”, well known in Kharkiv the fact that for the money, anyone can hire them for participation in a picket “against all good” to make worse. And don’t you think, Vladimir, strange one detail? The walls of the regional state administration was waiting for you to several hundred same paid activists organized, apparently, the same people that organized the meeting in order to give you the “corridor of shame” in Ternopil? And only “activists” and pseudocolour “Barabashovo” knew exactly how much and what the factory gates, it will be possible to talk to you”.Well, if there were “activists” — like the aforementioned Mr. Ilgova, which entered into a dialogue Zelensky — that is easily explained.

Regent for Zelensky

Gennady Adol’fovich sees the potential danger of not only a young Governor, the meaninglessness of purpose in the attempted economic revival of the region not only sees Vladimir, but in the real centers of attraction like the Kharkiv oligarchs, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky (which Mr. Zelensky also had the highest marks of attention), or the owner of Barbaresco market Feldman. “You held a meeting on the topic of “Ukroboronprom”. But the market “Barabashovo” is not working to strengthen the country’s defense — draws the attention of the President Gennady Kernes, the direction of the market 24 hours a day occupied with looting businesses in their market. And what they’ve paid picket alleged “entrepreneurs”, says that they are very afraid that the new road will be built”.

Next, the mayor goes to the interpretation of Kharkiv problems, as if suggesting that the President is just a little understood the situation (and offering him, so a method of correction of the decision). But not the fact that Mr. Zelensky will use the proposed way of retreat.Today’s battle for the most powerful of the Kharkiv region is not local fighting, local elites, but the question of further uncontrolled amplification of Mr. Avakov to the position of a true master of Ukraine. While the others continue to laugh at Kolomoisky, Poroshenko or Zelensky, the levers of political, economic, and military influence continue steadily to concentrate in the same hands.Actually Avakov becomes Regent for the feeble President. Therefore it will have to negotiate for those who want to keep Ukraine in its current form.Konstantin Kevorkian

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