The film-maker Claude Lelouch is stealing the screenplay for his next film

Photo: Valerie Macon Agence France-Presse
The French film-maker Claude Lelouch

Paris — The French film-maker Claude Lelouch made a steal in Paris the only copy of the screenplay for his next film and has launched a “call” to the thieves to find it, revealed Saturday in the daily newspaper le Parisien.

The flight took place a week ago in front of the premises of his production company, les Films 13, tells the journal.

The filmmaker was returning home from vacation. He had to park and get out three bags of his vehicle. “The time to do the tour of the car, two of the bags had disappeared,” said the director in the daily life.

Contacted by AFP, the filmmaker had not responded by the end of the morning.

According to the newspaper, one of the bags contained the only copy of the screenplay of the next film, the filmmaker’s 80 years old, ” Yes and No “.

The director of A man and a woman is also told to have lost several notebooks representing ” a thousand pages “, full of notes, stories, observations and things seen for fifty years.

I stole the suitcases of magic, those who have accompanied me all my life, and in which I get to my inspiration.
Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch also lost in this mishap 15 000 euro ” – currency-miscellaneous “, his keys, his passport and a watch.” I always have with me a reserve of money in case I need to go abroad “, explained the director daily.

The director has filed a complaint and do not despair to find his books and his screenplay. “After all [the thieves] have my address. I make this appeal. I await this miracle.”

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