The film “transformed” by the global pandemic

Le cinéma «transformé» par la pandémie mondiale

Since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, the stuntwoman quebec Sharlène Royer has seen all of its suspended projects is less than 90 minutes. Two months later, the future is always uncertain. “The industry will never be the same. I don’t see how it could come back as before “, avance-t-it.

The effects of coronavirus on the film industry have obviously not been slow to make itself felt. And they will be present again during “a very long time,” says Sharlène Royer.

“I have the impression that we will have to forget the blockbusters in the u.s. to an end because it is a kind of film that requires very large teams. And the stunt – such as hairdressers and makeup artists – can’t do their work in accordance with the social distancing. In short, the middle in full will be completely transformed by what we experience now, ” says she, in an interview to the Journal from Vancouver.

This environment, she knows him very well. For more than two decades, Sharlène Royer works as an actress and stuntwoman on large-scale projects, québec and foreign. Examples ? His resumé includes titles such as Dolemite Is My Name, Star Trek-Beyond, Fear the Walking Dead, Deadpool 2 , and the different chapters of the saga X-Men.

Closed borders

These days, Sharlène Royer had to give a reply to Toni Collette on the set of “Pieces of Hernew american tv series from Netflix, including the filming was to be held in Vancouver from march to July.

This project, like all others, is obviously on the ice until further notice.

“We don’t know when the filming will resume. And it is not known if the u.s. border will be open when they can move forward. It forces me to just rethink in the long term “, let it fall.

Therefore, Sharlène Royer intends to continue to develop its expertise as the coordinator of the cascades, business that the place behind the camera, rather than in front. It has made its first weapons in this area during the last years, amongst others on the sets of Child’s Play and a Rabid, two remakes of classic horror.

“It becomes increasingly important to have more than one string to his bow in order to survive in this environment “, she noted.

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