The fire almost destroyed the roof of the historic house on Prechistenka

PHOTO : / Igor Medvedev



The monument burned on Prechistenka in Moscow, reports “WORLD 24”. Fire almost completely destroyed the roof of the historical house in the area of 200 square meters. The building was under reconstruction.

The fire broke out at the beginning of the 11 am. Firefighters got to the flames did not spread to neighboring houses. By the way, nearby is the building of the Moscow Central Board MOE. As a result of a fire nobody has suffered. Workers were in the basement, were able to get out.

In the second half of the XIX century the building belonged to an eminent family Naumovykh-Volkonsky. It was used as an apartment house. Since 1926 there was a library named after Krupskaya.

As reported TASS, the cause of the fire could be a violation of safety at work.