The fire at a factory in california fear a shortage of vinyl

L’incendie d’une usine californienne fait craindre une pénurie de vinyles

LOS ANGELES | The record industry and lovers of the vinyl format increasingly ran after a long period of disuse in favour of the CD, fear of a shortage after a fire at a factory in California that is a link key of the chain of production.

At the end of last week, the factory Apollo Masters, in the Los Angeles area, has been affected by a devastating fire that caused heavy damage on its facilities. This plant is one of two global producers of the lacquer used for the manufacture of ” masters “, disk arrays, from which are then pressed vinyls available in the trade.

A potential shortage of lacquer could result in delays in the production of vinyl and an increase in the price of these disks.

“It is still too early to speak of disaster, but in the industry (of the disc) we all think that it is a very disturbing “, said to AFP, Gil Tamazyan, CEO of Capsule Labs, specialized in the pressing of vinyl records in Los Angeles.

“We are all concerned about the delay there might be before you find a lasting solution “, he added.

After the factory fire Apollo, the only provider of lacquer in the world remains the japanese society for the MDC, which has so far generated only about 20 % of the stock, according to Mr. Tamazyan.

Another technique exists for the manufacture of matrices, and is to burn the lp directly into a disk of copper a virgin, rather than in the lacquer.

If there are eight sites in Europe able to use this technique called DMM (” direct metal mastering “), there are however none in North America, says David Read, head of vinyl records to the specialist firm canadian Duplication.

In 2018, the sales of vinyl records have reached their highest level since 1988, 419 million (+8 % year-on-year, according to figures from the american disk industry.

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