The fire at the garbage landfill near Almaty extinguish Trucks and helicopters

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


A fire at a garbage dump near Almaty is on the decline, according to “WORLD 24”. Extinguishing attracted additional forces – ten “Kamazov” and the same number of watering machines. Fight the fire and two helicopters.

To avoid contact of the flame with oxygen, the waste is covered with soil. And then all the available fire shed. The acrid smell of burning and burnt rubber in Almaty felt the day before. Residents closest to the landfill villages complained of deterioration of health. However, according to experts, excess of harmful substances in the air were recorded.

“I live here two years, and often there is a terrible smell. And burns for two days,” says a local resident.

“Strong was the smoke, people can not breathe. Time to clean up this dump. Now, we inhale all sorts of chemicals,” says another.

The most likely cause of a fire at the dump in the emergency Department is called spontaneous combustion, consider other versions.