The fire in the Odessa College: the number of victims has increased

Пожар в колледже Одессы: число жертв возросло

Photo: press-service gschs

From the rubble in the burned school rescuers recovered one more dead body of a man.

Rescuers found another body of the deceased person, it already got from-under blockages, according to local newspaper the Duma.

According to the Deputy chief of regional management of gschs Kritsky, discovered the body of a man. His identity is established.

“Now at 15:30, it was revealed the body, not yet identified, is male. Involved dog training service of the SSES, but, unfortunately, in such circumstances, the dog cannot work. We are doing everything possible,” he said.

Thus, as of 15:30 on Friday a fire killed three people. Another 12 people are missing.Earlier it was reported that the fire in Odessa has no hope of finding anyone alive. Not all affected fire areas surveyed, people are not there. Clearing of debris continues.

Also confirmed the information about the identity of the second deceased, whose body was discovered the evening before. Is the teacher Bartuc Anna Leonidovna was born in 1976.

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