The first days at sea are particularly dangerous for health

Первые дни отдыха на море особенно опасны для здоровья

In the first few days relaxing on the beach can harm human health if it enters the body excessive amounts of iodine. Doctors warn: to rest on the coast wisely, not abusing marine and air baths.

Going to relax by the sea, residents of big cities fall into the environment where the air is saturated with iodine, it can trigger a real “iodine blow”, was the opinion of the doctor-physiotherapist Valentin Kovtun. The specialist argues that a dramatic change of scenery that makes the body of the citizens, accustomed to a completely different air quality, to adapt to the conditions of a seaside resort — is a big stress for the thyroid gland.

“The thyroid gland, which is forced to work in conditions of iodine deficiency conditions excess iodine, can respond to high speed operation, resulting in hyperthyroidism. Or Vice versa – the thyroid slows down, which leads to weakness, swelling, weight gain,” said the doctor.

Especially dangerous in this plan the first few days on the coast. To the sea holiday the body needs to adapt gradually and smoothly, gave advice specialist. To avoid overdose with iodine in the first day after arrival to spend at the sea shore should be no more than a half to two hours.


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