The first electric highway for trucks has opened in Germany

Первый электрический автобан для грузовиков открыли в Германии

In Germany on the section of the A5 motorway, near Frankfurt-on-main, had the first electric highway called Elisa, reports

It is noted that hybrid trucks with pantograph (pantograph), like trolleybuses, are joined with the air line, charging the batteries while driving.

The author of the project has become a famous company Siemens. The idea was hatched quite some time, however previously, it was assumed the movement under the electric wires with switching to diesel in the care of the contact network. Now the truck mounted batteries, which help you a long time to use a diesel engine.

The Elisa project is running in test mode. The construction design of suspended grid five kilometers of the track was allocated 14.6 million euros. In the future it is planned to build hanging power lines on two stretches of highways, in Schleswig – Holstein and Baden-württemberg. Testing electroautomate will last until the end of 2022.