The first Minister of Scotland: we do not impose Johnson and Brakcet (The Scotsman)

Первый министр Шотландии: не навязывайте нам Джонсона и Брексит (The Scotsman)

The first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon (Nicola Sturgeon) said that the victory of the Scottish national party in the elections to the North of the Anglo-Scottish border proves that Scotland does not want Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) in the role of Prime Minister, no Breccia.Speaking in Glasgow on the evening of the historic for the party day, she said she was confident the Scots have rejected the conservatives and reaffirmed the mandate to hold a second referendum on independence.The nationalists won Glasgow, and has achieved a lot throughout Scotland. In particular, they defeated the leader of the liberal Democrats Joe Swinson (Jo Swinson) in her district in West Dunbartonshire.Ms. Sturgeon said that her party was going to win the election in Scotland — and they won.”People in Scotland have made it clear that they don’t want to see Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) the Prime Minister does not want to Brexia and demand that the future of Scotland was in the hands of most of Scotland. We now have the mandate to offer the Scottish people to choose their future. This mandate had existed before, but was now confirmed”, — she says.”I readily admit that not everyone who voted for the SNP in favour of independence, but voters have made it clear that they are opposed to us-imposed government of Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) and tore us from Europe against our will, and that position should be respected.””I am deeply disappointed by the outcome in Britain as a whole. I believe that the conservative government won’t be good for the country.””I’m sure they won’t be good for Scotland, and really want to see Britain remain in the EU. But I have to admit that England have voted the way I voted, and apparently supports the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. However, although Boris Johnson and the right to withdraw from the EU Britain, he certainly has no right to withdraw from the EU Scotland”.”Scotland should have the opportunity to choose their own future. It is obvious that she doesn’t want to be five years under the government of Boris Johnson and do not want to lose the status of a European country. The whole point is in the selection. Not Boris Johnson to decide the future of Scotland. It should be determined by the Scottish people.”

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