“The first player to get ready,” Stephen Spielberg: not a brilliant film, but the film is genius

Spielberg invented the modern Hollywood, all have been know it. But one thing to know and another to see the living evidence. Their 71-year-old Director in the last couple of decades is not spoiled. There was, however, during this period, glimpses of true greatness: “dissenting opinion” (still not “Close encounters of the third kind”), “Munich” and “Spy bridge” (both not “Schindler’s List”). As masterpieces of the level of the 1970s-1980s. Most of the classics were offering a flawless quality samples humanistic genre cinema, Hollywood high standard. It was not until today, when the “First player ready” and recalled that Spielberg long ago came up with blockbusters as such.

«Первому игроку приготовиться» Стивена Спилберга: не гениальный фильм, но фильм гения

Maybe it wasn’t a brilliant film, but visible to the naked eye: this film is genius. A fountain of pure energy in the center of which suddenly turns the spectator. For the first fifteen minutes of screen time forget about the existence of “the Avengers”, “Transformers”, “Pirates” and other franchises, conceptual standing on the shoulders of the same Spielberg. There’s so much humor, poetry, the paradoxes, excitement and love that is literally impossible to believe the age and status of the Director. It looks like the desire of the veteran to imitate the fashion trend, “having lifted up trousers to run behind Komsomol”. Spielberg is the embodiment of the Komsomol. Younger than young.

In order to revive the “Star wars”, George Lucas had to leave and retire, as if the old Jedi in a distant cave. Spielberg in my ‘ 71 is worn like mad, and want to immediately run after him. And this happens a month after the release of his “Secret dossier” — Dean neoclassical paintings about liberal values. Like the grandfather of all of Hollywood after a serious operation, somewhere in Congress, came home, changed into pajamas, put on eye glasses for virtual reality and woke up in her kid with messy hair and dreamy eyes.

That is the main character in “the First player to get ready” declarative freestyle film adaptation of the sci-Fi best seller by Ernest Cline. Wade watts (21-year-old Tye Sheridan, the actor Terrence Malick and Jeff Nichols, the young winner of the Venice film festival) is an orphan who lives in a poor neighborhood in the care of her aunt, somewhere in 2045. The name and fate as superhero comics, however, Wade dull. Therefore he, like almost the entire population of the globe, spending time in the virtual space called the OASIS — unlimited endless game that you want. There the action unfolds film.

Dynamic and discreet, the Director introduces the viewer to the circumstances, which in the novel-the source devoted about a hundred pages. The inventor of OASIS, the great geek and weirdo-loner James Halliday (played by a new favorite artist Spielberg, Briton mark Railes), departed this life, leaving mankind not only its monumental offspring, but from now on the main game: the search for well-hidden in virtual reality “Easter eggs”, to which there are three key tips. Who finds them first will inherit Halliday — a multibillion-dollar capital and the entire OASIS.

The hunt for the mysterious “Easter eggs” (which really looks like a giant Easter egg) has become a cult in the literal sense of the word has changed world culture. Now the fashion is defined by 1980 that was in love with Holliday. All hunters egg of power — the lonely knights, powerful clans, and consists of faceless “sixes” mega-Corporation IOI — race study music, cinema and games of the 1980s to find the secret path to the sacred artifact. Wade and his friends — including.

OASIS nick Wade Parsifal, and several rectilinear parallel with the most popular hero of the Arthurian epic is obvious. That Parsifal was a simpleton-an orphan who found the Grail; his innocence and purity made it impossible, in fact, ridding the world of evil. This happens in the “First player to get ready” where there are mysterious wise warlock (avatar of the late Holliday) who falls in trouble, a lovely lady, soldiers helpers, the enemy army, and the other king opponent. But Spielberg has always been an outstanding storyteller, who didn’t care idealism archetypically stories. He was able to tell them again as if for the first time. Probably not all now remember that about the Grail he long ago had opened the third part of the “Indiana Jones”. In the novel Klein, she cited.

The thing is not in the original, and even Vice versa. Multilayer post-post-postmodern universe of the movie denies the very concept of identity. All the stories long told, the films are made, songs sung, and the game program is written. On the streets and squares, in the deserts and the seas, solar systems and labyrinthine OASIS, you can meet king Kong, and Mechagodzilla, Freddy Krueger and the iron giant, Robocop and Chuckie; to sit in the car from Back to the future and reach the borders of Mordor tolcinasco, to meet with Duke Nukem, Lara Croft and Kratos. And to fall in kovriginskoe “the Shining” and to experience it anew fifteen minutes. And all this “Jump” Van Halen, “Blue Monday” New Order, “Take on me” by A-Ha and other hits from the Golden 1980s.

To list the quotes and reminiscences endlessly, but the beauty of “First player to get ready” not the idea of recognition of what some of us grew up, but rather in the magical ability to know them for the first time, to relive, to go back to the state of innocence. Spielberg was one of those who literally created 1980s, but modestly refrained from quoting himself. In his free copyright the universe to the delight of the consumer of mass culture visibly changes into a powerful creative impulse, and the player ceases to be a simple user becomes a Creator of the world and their own destiny. Escapism here is not condemned and not praised: he becomes the motor to move forward, despite any obstacles, in spite of logic, in the name of faith in yourself. There is a miracle — at least at the level of a combination of techniques. Time here becomes space, as sound, images, special effects and acting add up to a delightfully whole Symphony.

The attraction, of course. And at the same time a Manifesto of freedom, in which any universal catastrophe turns into a game. And she is there to win — if you believe in your ability to reach past the test and to sustain it with honor. Spielberg did it. With admiration enjoying the game and participating in it, involuntarily you ask a question and be sure that at the end of “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” water from the Grail drank Professor Henry Sr.? Not if he drank the elixir of immortality is his hero, his wicked Creator?


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