The first road bridge from Russia to China was completed in the far East

Первый автодорожный мост из России в Китай достроен на Дальнем Востоке

Cross-border bridge over the Amur river joined the Russian Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese city of Heihe. It is promised to start in the spring of 2020. Travel will be paid.The builders of the Russian part of road bridge from Russia to China on Friday, 29 November passed the object. Is a two-lane bridge with a length of just over a kilometer, driveways made up another 20 kilometers on both sides.

The project highway in China for more than 20 years, the first interstate agreement was signed in 1995. This is the first opportunity a land connection in the region. Construction began in December 2016, the total cost is estimated at nearly 19 billion rubles. While only completed construction of the bridge, contractors were left to decorate the territory.

The opening of freight traffic is planned in April 2020, until then it will be in test operation. Passenger traffic is promised to start in about a year and a half, when they built checkpoints. Yet decided to build a temporary crossing, for trucks, for which summer, the Russian government allocated from the reserve Fund 466 million rubles.

Directions to the bridge Blagoveshchensk-Heihe will be paid

The fare on the bridge is not yet defined, to manage the facility needs of the Russian-Chinese company in the framework of the concession. The bridge is designed to travel daily 630 trucks, buses 164 and 68 cars.

The trade between Amur region and China is 500 thousand tons, these data led the opening ceremony of the bridge, the Minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic region Alexander Kozlov. It is expected that after the launch of traffic on the bridge, the cargo turnover will grow eight times and will no longer depend on the changing seasons.

On Monday 2 December in the far East is also planned launch of the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” on supplies of Russian gas to China.

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