The first sign of aging and early disease

Первый признак старения организма и начала болезней

Try to guess the ancient riddle: who moves first on four, then on two legs, and at the end of three? The answer is simple – it’s people. As a child, not learning to walk, crawls on all fours, growing up, moved on two legs and in old age walks leaning on a stick. That’s a dismal response.

Really old age is the loss of ability to move normally?

Modern people have come to accept the fact that after 30 years of physical activity and body flexibility is reduced. What is the cause of such age-related changes and is it possible to remove the equal sign between aging and fading?

Why do we lose flexibility?

In the last century scientists have developed a somatic theory, according to which all the stress, trouble and distress caused to us since childhood, affect the condition of our body, have an impact not only on the psyche but also on the muscles and joints that react involuntary or reflex contractions.

Most worryingly, we can’t relax them with a desire. As a result, years to thirty, and sometimes informed the person no longer remembers what it means to move freely. These changes even got a special term: sensory-motor amnesia. It was she to blame for the emergence of a false sense of aging. One of the main symptoms of this disease are a decrease in elasticity of muscles and ligaments, spinal curvature, chronic joint pain, lameness.

But the decline of flexibility is manifested not only in appearance. Much more serious that it leads to circulatory disorders and as a result, deterioration of metabolism – direct road to various diseases.

For getting rid of stress, not enough relaxation, according to psychologists. Only daily warm-up and stretching can defeat a false sense of aging, to preserve high physical and mental activity. Moreover, many experts argue that in reality there is no reason that we should experience physical suffering in old age.

What happens to our body?

Physical activity of modern humans has declined significantly. We owe this work in offices and global computerization.

Every day millions of people 8-10 hours working at a computer, being in the same position. At the same time we are so tired that not even admit the thought to climb to his floor without using the Elevator. Without daily exercise, including on the development of flexibility, our muscles weaken and lose their mobility. Our children are looking at us already accustomed to the fact that poor health and body stiffness is a standard scenario of life.

The loss of human flexibility — the first sign of aging and early disease.

If you ever watched a cat, I noticed how often she stretches his body, without effort, naturally flexing muscles that are going to use. Unfortunately this natural instinct we have almost lost.

Conduct a simple test. After a five-minute warm-up major muscles, try with your back straight when bending forward to reach it with your fingers to the floor. Knees not bend. If you are over 50 years and it worked good. For those who are younger, a good rating is considered to be able to touch the floor with your palms.

However, no matter what the result of this test is not reached, the development of flexibility until the twine is possible at any age!

Stretching exercises will help to restore the natural flexibility of the body, improve the condition by increasing oxygen supply to the muscles and withdrawal from them of the decay products. Strengthen bones and ligaments, improves posture, many times it decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis and hypokinesia, normal blood pressure. But, most importantly, you believe in yourself, your capabilities and strength, restore health and activity.

You’ve probably noticed that a flexible person even being physically tired, keeps good spirits and looks remarkably well. At the same time, even a well-rested person with constrained muscle looks sluggish and depressed.

Remember: flexibility is the property acquired. Doing regularly can achieve great results and save them to a ripe old age. There is only one condition: constant work on yourself. After once taking a shower, you don’t think that’s enough for the rest of your life?

Where to start?

In the Internet there are many video lessons dedicated to stretch marks, which are absolutely not suitable for beginners, as even a starting position for many of the exercises are impossible to make without having excellent flexibility. It seems that the authors of these lessons, having achieved good personal results, has lost the sense of reality, forgetting where they themselves many years ago, I started. Seeing on the Internet a short video, success in stretching young people and comparing their capabilities, do not worry. You can’t even imagine how much time they needed for this. Believe me, everyone behind it is not one year of teaching gymnastics or ballet.

Первый признак старения организма и начала болезней

To begin, select the simplest set of exercises. It will complicate the development of flexibility.

Of course, the most efficient and safe way is to join the nearest fitness club, but considering the financial situation many people suggest you to do at home, using video tutorials or books, written by a qualified technician.

How to do stretching

1. Never start stretching without warming the muscles for 10-15 minutes (light aerobic activity: running, jumping, squats, etc.). Even humans, snakes, able to totter into a ball can not afford this. Just do not overdo it: if the muscles are overworked, they do not respond to stretching.

2. Use both static and dynamic exercises (swings and squats) and no jerks.

3. Always keep your back straight.

4. Never, remember never straighten your torso, lean forward keeping the legs straight. Before straightening be sure to slightly bend your knees. So you insure yourself against injuries in the lumbar region.

5. Start with 8-10 repetitions of each exercise or 30 seconds of static stretching. Don’t let pain or strong discomfort.

6. Try to relax that muscle that you stretch, and concentrate her attention.

7. Breath do, being in the original position, and exhale while stretching.

8. From the stretched out position slowly and smoothly.

9. Do not rush to increase the load and do not chase quick results.

10. Don’t be lazy, do the exercises daily and with pleasure.

But before proceeding to the practice of physical exercise, body flexibility, be sure to consult with your doctor! In the absence of contraindications, show perseverance and patience.

Not necessary for strict deadlines, you will gain enviable stretch, and with her health, self-confidence and good mood!

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