The first signs of autism in children

Autism is one of the most difficult diseases with which to face the parents. But, the sooner you discover a problem, the better. Chance to improve the life of an autistic child multiplies.

Перші ознаки аутизму у дітей

Kids with autism don’t like their obnimaet and kiss

Autism is a disorder arising from developmental disorders of the brain and is characterized by severe and comprehensive shortage of social interaction and communication and restricted interests and repetitive actions.

Disorders of this kind appear already in infancy and early childhood and cause delays in many areas of development such as communication, play and interaction with the environment. Signs and symptoms of autism vary widely. Some children have only minor violations, but others are far behind in development. Doctors are ambiguous in their vision problems, but they all agree on one thing: the sooner the child develops autism, the easier it will be to return him to society.

Early signs of autism in infants and young children

no eye contact (e.g., child looks at you during feeding) is not smiling in response, not responding to his name or the sound of a familiar voice does not follow moving objects does not use gestures doesn’t follow your movements when you show him something does not make noise to attract your attention does not initiate or respond to cuddling doesn’t imitate your movements and facial expression does not play and asks for help and asks for nothing

Перші ознаки аутизму у дітей

Autistic children do not react to the environment

Signs of autism by months:

6 months: not smiling not makes happy 9 months: not making a sound, not smiling and does not change facial expressions 12 months: not responding to his name, not babbling, not gesturing (not pointing at something, waving hands, etc) 16 months does not say the words 24 months: says short sentences that do not involve imitation or repetition

As the child Matures, warning signals begin to appear brighter. The child lacks certain social skills, he feels the verbal and nonverbal difficulties, his behavior is difficult to call flexible.

Autistic children are not interested in events around them; are unwilling to find friends and to chat with people; not like when they hug, Pat or kiss; have problems with understanding and do not know how to Express your feelings; don’t listen when they are accessed.

If you notice any of these signs, perestroika and go to the pediatrician. This will help to identify the problem at an early stage and to quickly initiate treatment.

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