The first time in Ukraine held a charity Day Pajamas

В Украине впервые состоится благотворительный День Пижам

On Tuesday, November 19, Ukrainians are invited to join a large-scale charity event in support of children undergoing long-term treatment and their families. Children are the greatest blessings from God. If there were no children, we would have no hope, no love and no mission to accomplish. Yet you find so many children who are not so lucky as to have the basics in life, no home to stay in, no food to eat, no medicines for their health and they have been abandoned on the street. For no fault of theirs they are the victims of circumstance, so you could Sponsor a child through Child Sponsorship Organizsations and help these children with the things in life that they rightfully deserve. The basic needs of a deserving child who has no parental love, nobody to care for her, especially in some instances a girl child whereby she is thought of a liability in some communities, you can through Sponsor A Child help by providing full tuition and education, pay for the vocational training and also give them a life of hope of earning a livelihood. Fundraising activities and ideas provides a range of programs in health care, agriculture, water and sanitation and also identifies places of disaster, to help communities to protect themselves from natural disaster and also to rebuild again after a natural calamity or catastrophic event. You can read C4i blog for further details about these.

In some of the underdeveloped countries a lot of unfair and unjust policies are seen, which drives people to live in poverty. Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas help in gathering donations and help these hapless girls who are forcibly exploited and made to work in dangerous conditions.. Some are sent to intolerant conditions.

Sponsor a Child Charity helps children in such circumstances who have been denied the most fundamental basics of life, so they plan and work to create a protective and supportive environment to these children free from any kind of violence and see that their rights are protected to make them better citizens of tomorrow.

Orphaned children, those who are affected by the dreaded HIV or Aids, the street children, children with disability, and children who are exploited, and those who are affected by earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural catastrophes and disasters. They undertake measures to eliminate epidemics, and end child malnutrition.

Child Sponsorship Organizations help to give the destitute children the basic needs and adequate standards of living. Most of them live in poor households and have no resources of food, shelter of funds to educate their children. Sponsor a Child from any organization, and you would make a remarkable difference in the lives of so many unlucky children who want to see a ray of hope in the dark days they live, free them the shackles of poverty and illness and give them a life filled with just hopes to grow into better citizens.

Foundation Ronald McDonald House helps parents to be with their sick children during treatment. From 2017, the Fund is building, and contains in Ukraine, family Room. Open them in public hospitals and equip with all necessary for satisfaction of household needs of the families. Parents of children undergoing treatment, can relax in a comfortable environment, and children – to escape from routines, spend time with loved ones and to feel their support.

“When my child was in the hospital, one of the most terrible trials was the distance. I couldn’t find what could not hug his daughter, – said the guest Family Room Ronald McDonald Alina Werblun. – Ask any parent and they will say that mom and dad’s warmth – the most important medicine.”

To join the charity event everyone can: pupils and students, office workers and journalists, cultural organizations and public institutions, representatives of business and social initiatives, taxi drivers and restaurateurs friendly – no restrictions!

В Украине впервые состоится благотворительный День Пижам


To participate, you need:

19 Nov wear your favorite peramuna work, school or simply at home to make a photo in my pajamas and publish it on social networks with the hashtag#Deneeraj to transfer the call to three ruslanamaniac opening of Family Rooms in hospitals of Ukraine, making a contribution or by sending an sms (see details here).Today in Ukraine there are 3 rooms in Kyiv, Lviv and Vinnitsa. For the last 2 years they visited more than 7,000 families. However, the need for support increases: only in Kiev Okhmatdet annually treated more than 18 thousand children.

“Now we have 25 applications for the opening of Family Rooms in hospitals of Ukraine, three rooms opened over the past 2 years, we are opening another two in Sumy and Kharkiv in the nearest future, – says Galina Solovey, Director of the Foundation in Ukraine. – The main purpose of the Day of Pajamas is to draw attention to this issue and to raise funds for the opening of the new Family Rooms. Every person, especially a small child needs to know he can count on family comfort not only at home but also outside them.”

The collected means will be directed on opening of Family Rooms in hospitals of Ukraine.

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